Winter leaves its mark on a car. To get the spring off to a good start, a spring check is recommended. Regardless of whether rims that are soiled by snow, mud and cold rain, or tires that have residues of road salt stuck to them. A car needs regular good care, especially after the cold winter months. A good spring check therefore includes several important points, including cleaning the body, cleaning the underbody, car care and checking the fluid levels. In addition, of course, the winter tires also want to find their way from the car to the cellar or shed, and the summer tires put the vehicle on the right track.

Thorough cleaning recommended

Winter leaves its marks on the rims, paintwork, windows and underbody. Thorough vehicle cleaning is recommended after the cold winter months. Road salt residues should be removed thoroughly in order not to leave deeper marks and possibly damage the paintwork.

A good spring check therefore also includes going to the car wash to bring the car back into shape not only visually, but also in terms of cleaning. Smaller damage to the paintwork can also be repaired as part of the Smartrepair.

Car care after the winter months

The spring check not only includes a thorough cleaning of the vehicle, but also car care. There are now more and more care products that are tailored to the paintwork and the respective vehicle areas.

Before car care, the vehicle should always be cleaned so that road salt residues, ice and winter slush cannot be absorbed by the paintwork. Before the paintwork is cared for, the car is cleaned during the spring check.

Check fluid levels

The vehicle doesn’t just want to be brought back into shape after the winter. Fluid levels such as oil, water, coolant, and windshield washer should also be checked. You may also want to change the engine oil from winter to spring.

The tire change for spring

For many drivers, Easter is the time when the winter tires finally come to the basement and are switched to summer tires. The change of tires towards spring is not only a matter of the head, but also important for two reasons: safety and fuel savings.

Unlike winter tires, summer tires have a better grip on dry roads. This not only increases driving comfort from spring to autumn, but also enables better tire grip. In the warmer months of the year, the braking distance is shorter with summer tires than with winter tires. And: fuel consumption is no less important when switching from winter tires to summer tires. Summer tires consume less fuel and thus also bring financial savings.

Spring check in the workshop

If you want to be on the safe side, have your car check carried out in a car workshop in spring. The alternator and car battery are checked, and the wheel suspension and V-belt are examined carefully. Tests of the exhaust system, tires, brakes and lighting take place. Such a spring check is not expensive, but you can continue driving afterwards with a more secure feeling.

With such a check, smaller repairs can also be carried out, via Smartrepair, without the need for a major repair or long downtime in the workshop. Here it makes sense to look specifically for a vehicle workshop that offers not only the usual repairs and checks but also smart repairs for paintwork, rims and the like.